LARP-game Dust to Dust, Rule of 3 Productions. Atlanta.
LARP-game Dust to Dust, Rule of 3 Productions. Atlanta.
LARP-game Dust to Dust, Rule of 3 Productions. Atlanta.

LARP game Dust to Dust

Age Age restriction 12+
Price 30—70 $ per player

About the game Dust to Dust

Humans and homunculi come together to explore the ruins of Marath Suvla, preserve a tenuous peace, and stave off the destruction of all they hold dear. In an hour of darkness, there is hope; the Celestial Host sacrifices their immortal nature to join the humans in the war that is coming. The gates of Death shudder and crack as the Returned rise to fight again.

Magic takes many forms and holds many secrets. The power of the totems reawakens, providing incredible power to humans who swear loyalty to them. Cabals of ritualists compete or cooperate to learn and cast powerful magic. Ritualists and alchemists take their first steps on the path of the Great Work, spiritual transformation that may lead to exaltation or destruction. Ancients bind themselves to echoes of memory in the form of heroic codes, regaining the greatness they once held. Crafters transform base materials into magic that they can bind into their armaments or use to power rituals.

Amidst this growth and glory, the agents of the Most Foul weave their webs of treachery. The heroes must hone their skills and band together to stand against an evil as old as the world itself.

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Address role-playing game Dust to Dust

Atlanta, Sweetwater Creek State Park, 1750 Mt. Vernon Road Lithia Springs, Georgia 30122

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