Escape Game The Steal, Puzzah!. Denver.
Escape Game The Steal, Puzzah!. Denver.
Escape Game The Steal, Puzzah!. Denver.

Escape Game The Steal

Players 2—5 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 25—29 $ per player

About the game The Steal

You've been hired to steal a priceless Qing dynasty coin from INTERCEPT, a shadowy criminal organization. You'll need steady hands and clever wits to bypass the security systems and retrieve your prize. The Steal is an exciting mission that tests accuracy more than speed!

Mission Objectives:

  • Standard - Steal the coin
  • Challenging - Fewer than 20 alarms
  • Expert - Fewer than 10 alarms

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Address escape game The Steal

Denver, 1440 Blake St #150 Denver, CO 80202
303-534- ... Show phone number

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