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Disney Launched its Own Escape Room Challenge

Disney Launched its Own Escape Room Challenge

The newest event theme is called The Escape Challenge, offering a team building exercise that takes place through multiple rooms at the Walt Disney World Resort. Participants are broken into teams and lead into rooms where clues need to be solved to move through the challenges. Although the escape game is not Disney-character themed, it offers an outstanding and unique experience. The exit game features a steampunk inspired design, which was developed by the master storytellers from Walt Disney Imagineering.

Disney Escape Room 5

4 steampunk-inspired characters greet the quests and explain them the mission: to find the “Stone of Stones” in order to save the element of time and preserve the history of the world. In Disney’s version, the actors are involved to help guide the participants along their way.

Disney Escape Room

As the players travel back in time, they find themselves locked inside the first room – the captain’s quarters of an abandoned pirate ship. Old maps, navigational tools, gleaming gems and gold coins… Only if players manage to find a hidden message, they can “escape” their temporary prison.

Disney Escape Room 2

After escaping the first room, participants then find themselves in the second, even more perplexing predicament – locked inside the laboratory of a mad scientist. Filled with creepy experiments gone awry, this room features hidden traps and misdirection around every corner. Only by working together can the team solve the cunning challenges to win the game and ultimately, save time.

Enjoy the trailer:

“We’ve designed every aspect of The Escape Challenge to create an unforgettable Disney team building program or team-bonding experience,” said Ray Fournier, Disney Producer.

The escape room is perfect for all types of groups, even corporate groups. As an extra feature all the challenges can be tailor-made and set up in most convention rooms or theme park meeting spaces depending on the size of the group, time and budget.

If you are going to visit Orlando, use our search engine of escape games in Orlando to find other rooms for any taste. Filter the results by genre, age, number of players, money available, language, or company.

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