Escape games by "EscapeWorks" in Denver

Eric fell in love with puzzle based games as soon as he was old enough to work a keyboard. He spent hours playing early PC games like Kings Quest and Rise of the Dragon. Favorite hobbies were table-top RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. That love of adventure/puzzle games continued to grow and eventually led him to real life escape rooms. His obsession was immediate (just ask his wife)! Blending his love of puzzles, his art background, and a love of prop building Eric found his calling, building escape rooms.

Filling the other half of the dynamic duo is John. John is a movie fanatic who never misses an opportunity to try something new and fun! So when he visited his first escape room he knew he had found the next big thing. As the brains behind the business, John convinced Eric that with their combined skills they could create the best escape room in Colorado. EscapeWorks was born.

Here at EscapeWorks Denver we want to push the boundaries of your experience! Our rooms are designed to totally immerse you in your chosen scenario. We want you to feel like you are really there, searching for a key to get out of the coach’s office to go play in the Big Game! When you enter the Egyptian Tomb we want to transport you back in time to Ancient Egypt. We put a tremendous amount of time and effort into designing and building each room. Our puzzles and clues are second to none and will leave you wanting more. If you enjoy a challenge and want to experience the newest trend in entertainment, EscapeWorks Denver is for you.

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