Escape Game Game of Espionage, Break Out. Detroit.
Escape Game Game of Espionage, Break Out. Detroit.
Escape Game Game of Espionage, Break Out. Detroit.

Escape Game Game of Espionage

Players 1—12 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 25 $ per player

About the game Game of Espionage

A rival Toy and Game development company has stolen the prototype to a new product that your company was ready to bring to market and promised to be the hottest selling item in the toy and game industry. With the help of a insider at the rival's business, you have gained access to the President of Game and Toy Development's office, where the prototype must be found. The insider has learned that the office will be empty for exactly one hour, during which he will sneak your team in. The room will be filled with games, toys, unique puzzles and clues, all designed to lead you to your goal. If you find the prototype and escape the room before the hour is up, your company will reward you well. If you do not escape with the prototype, your rival will reap the rewards and you will likely face the consequences of being caught!

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Address escape game Game of Espionage

Detroit, 3460 E Ellsworth Ann Arbor, MI
586-359- ... Show phone number

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