Escape games by "Time Escape" in Richmond

Time Escapes offers a challenging and safe entertainment experience to players who want to test their mental, imaginative, and peer cooperation abilities and to achieve the mission of escaping.

Every game sequence is designed to have a specific path which must be taken in order to pass from room A – B – C and so forth. It is impossible to enter into room C before room B. The entry door to every room will always be open and unlocked once passed, giving all participants the option leave a room freely.

When the U.S. government was carrying out a series of scientific research in Bermuda, they found a substance, the Dark Matter, which led to the possibility of time travel. To further examine the substance and to reveal its mysterious capability, a high level security secret agency, The Space Bureau, was set up. The Space Bureau was covertly conducting numerous space-time researches and was under the process of designing the Time Machine. This is where the Time Escape story begins.

During the research process of the “time machine”, an international terrorist organization had managed to tap into this undisclosed message and plan to abduct the “time machine” for terrorist attacks. They have coded their plan as “Time Warp”, a plan that aims to overthrow the existing power and seize control of the government.

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