Escape Game The Lost Ship, EXIT Canada. Richmond.
Escape Game The Lost Ship, EXIT Canada. Richmond.
Escape Game The Lost Ship, EXIT Canada. Richmond.

Escape Game The Lost Ship

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 45 min. to complete
Price 24 $ per player

About the game The Lost Ship

That was the colour of the sky before your departure. Such a phenomenon often foretold a coming storm. These foolish ideas had never really gotten to you, but this time you just seem to have had an uneasy feeling. This was a precious vacation that you had worked vigorously for; perhaps you should just clear your mind and relax.

“Bon voyage!” your loved ones greeted you as you stepped aboard the luxury liner. After one final glance at them, you turn away as you stared into the plum coloured sunset. It really was a beautiful view, yet you felt such unrest. However, with no other alternatives, you simply let it be…

Night had fallen and finally, the reason for your unrest had become clear as day. A storm had been brewing, yet the captain nor crew had realized such happenings. You may very well have been the first to realize the ship’s eventual demise. As the storm closed in, you decided to simply hope for the best, as fate ran its course…

Fatigued and injured, you found yourself still on the ship. Alive, at the very least. Lady Luck may have smiled upon you. However, now is no longer the time to rely on luck. You have no idea where the ship could have drifted off to, but knowing you’re stuck inside, the first step is make your way out.

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Address escape game The Lost Ship

Richmond, 2115 – 4653 Garden City Road, Richmond BC
(604) 37 ... Show phone number

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