Escape Game Ancient Egypt, EXIT Canada. Richmond.
Escape Game Ancient Egypt, EXIT Canada. Richmond.
Escape Game Ancient Egypt, EXIT Canada. Richmond.

Escape Game Ancient Egypt

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 45 min. to complete
Price 24 $ per player

About the game Ancient Egypt

You wake up one morning with an Egypt tour ticket in your mailbox. You decide to take the ride to Egypt. When you finally arrive, the tour guide explains about the chemicals in the sand and the other boring parts of Egypt. You sneak out of the group to explore into the Great Pyramid, location of King Khufu. You got in, but the door instantly went shut! You bang the door as hard as you can as your arms are tiring out. There is no way out. You explore the chambers, only to find creepy skeletons. The walls are filled with cobwebs, and lurking with scorpions and spiders. You cannot read the hieroglyphics on the dusty walls. You need to find some way out, even though that seems to be impossible. Will Khufu’s spirit guide you out? Will you find a mystical hidden passage? You can never tell what the future holds…

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Address escape game Ancient Egypt

Richmond, 2115 – 4653 Garden City Road, Richmond BC
(604) 37 ... Show phone number

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