Escape games by "The Exit Room" in Kansas City

Welcome to The Exit Room, a premier escape adventure located in historic downtown Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  Whether you are having a night out with friends or family, celebrating a special event, planning a team-building activity, or simply wanting a diversion from the doldrums of your workweek, The Exit Room will provide you an unforgettable live-action gaming experience.

Each team of players will be able to choose one of our four uniquely themed rooms and will have exactly one hour to complete a mission or task giving you the key to escape. The players will need to work together to solve the various riddles and codes. They will make observations and maneuver through the rooms to overcome challenges lurking in every dark corner and locked drawer. All the while, the clock is ticking, and your only chance of escape is your own wits.


The Exit Room strives to set ourselves apart from other exit, escape or breakout businesses. Our location in downtown Lee’s Summit, Missouri, easily accessible from all corners of the Kansas City metropolitan area.  We have a stand-alone building with convenient on-site parking within walking distance of dozens of restaurants, taverns and unique shops and boutiques that characterize the beautifully renovated downtown area of Lee’s Summit.  So, when you are done experiencing one of our many distinctive and challenging adventures, take your friends, family or coworkers through the quaint streets in the heart of Lee’s Summit.


One of the distinguishing features of The Exit Room is our beautifully decorated 450 square foot lobby.  Immediately upon entering our building, you will be transported in time to a world where the era of adventure meets the dawning of modern technology.  You will find yourself immersed in a parlor of intrigue and mystery.  But this sanctuary of comfort will come to a sudden end as you are escorted to your Room where you leave the mystery and horror novels behind and become a live participant in your own story.  Tick tock…


The Exit Room was carefully designed to impart to our players an intriguing and vivid real-time gaming experience with riddles, puzzles, codes and conundrums that are, at the same time, both challenging and rewarding.  We are confident that when you leave The Exit Room, your sixty minutes with us will have been one of the fastest hours you will have recently experienced.  And when you leave, we hope that you will want to return to explore one or more of our other themes as each set of rooms was purposely crafted to stand alone as a unique and wholly different experience.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our Game Host who will check you in and prepare you for your experience.  While you are waiting for the rest of your party to arrive, or while you are waiting for our Game Engineers to prepare your room, please feel free to look around and prepare yourself for an unforgettable sixty minutes.  When your party assembles and your room is ready, your Game Host will discuss with you our rules and procedures and will escort you to your adventure site.  Good Luck!

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